Why you need an editor


Some documents might need tweaking, while others might need a major overhaul.


It all depends on the experience of the writer, the type of document  and the intended audience.


• A copy-edit, or sub-edit, generally means a check over for spelling, grammar and sentence structure.


• A structural edit takes into account how the document engages the reader, whether it meets the standards of its intended audience, ensures all the elements are in the right position and order while taking on board the writer's style and intentions.


• An editor should communicate what they think the document requires from an initial sneak peak. If engaged, the editor will then discuss progress and suggestions as they work through the document.


Robyn has worked with numerous journalists and feature writers on their submissions to strengthen their skills and get their work ready for publication.


She has also worked with business owners with no writing experience to put together the wording for their websites.


She can work with anyone on any type of document, none too big or small.