“Robyn has exceptional editing abilities and I always look forward to her constructive feedback on my stories. She has an uncanny knowledge of spelling and grammar and a talent to spot important ideas buried in the text and present them concisely without losing the meaning. I trust her with any piece of work I’ve written and would recommend her talents to anyone looking for an editor.”

 Hamish Hastie

Journalist, Examiner Newspapers



“As an editor Robyn has a knack for recognising the important details in every story and finding the best way to present them for every style. She consistently provides good advice on how best to structure difficult stories and she has a good eye for catching silly mistakes that people writing quickly tend to make. Her editing has cleaned up my work and her feedback has improved my writing. I would recommend her to anyone looking for help editing their work.”

- Amy Blom,

Journalist, Examiner Newspapers


“Robyn is a fantastic editor and mentor. She has an eye for detail and the ability to concisely edit work while teaching the writer the skills they need to improve. Her writing abilities know no bounds with her ability to tackle hard news stories as well as interesting features and travel pieces while always keeping the reader entertained. Having worked with Robyn for three years I have seen my work improve dramatically, which has given me more confidence in my abilities.”

Andrea Downey

Freelance journalist




"Robyn is a true professional in every sense of the word. She has been my editor for a number of years and has taught me more about editing and sub-editing than I could ever imagine. Her command of language and attention to detail is constructive and invaluable, and without her guidance I would not have gained the confidence in my work."

Kate Dzienis

Feature writer, sub-editor, Examiner Newspapers

Freelance editor, Patchwork Editing


“Robyn has supported our company in a professional capacity for many years. Her advice concerning the creation of our website was invaluable. She manages projects to agreed timelines whilst at the same time ensuring required outcomes are achieved.”

Allyson George

Deputy principal, Pioneer Village School


“Having spent over two years with Robyn on a school board, I quickly came to realise she could produce high quality documents, conduct quick research and explain complicated issues in simple terms with ease. She edited a number of school documents for the difficult task of the school¹s registration and gave the school website a boost with her editing skills as well. It became apparent she could write and edit anything and I would recommend her without hesitation.

George Obank

Citrus Finance